Sneeze Propulsion
Sneeze powered travel has yet to catch on. This is at best an oversight and at worst a broad conspiricy by the car companies to prevent efficient new methods of travel from catching on.
Here you will learn how efficient it really is. The average sneeze produces 28.439 newtons of force, lasts for 1 second, and results in the expulsion of 4.17 liters of air. Air has a density of 1.3 grams per liter.
To reach a speed of 100 km/hr (62.137 miles/hr) requires a total of 15, 951.085 sneezes which result in the expulsion of 66.516 cubic meters of air. The total force produced by these sneezes is equivalent to firing 124.312 shots from a 12 gauge shotgun.
At a rate of 1 sneeze per second, this requires 15, 951.085 seconds.
WARNING: This data is preliminary. I am going to do an experiment to find out if my calculation for sneeze momentum is correct. (It involves sneezing into a tube with a ping pong ball in it and filming the result.) Until then take these numbers as merely an approximation.
This site is still in alpha mode, so I'd love it if you would double check my information and calculations. Here is what you need.
pirate: For purposes of this comparison it has the following properties:
Peak Width: 0.45 meters
Peak Height: 1.73 meters
Mass: 62.259 kg (137.258 pounds)
Surface Area: 1.8 meters2
Volume: 0.062 meters3
Pirates are better than ninjas. The stats for pirates are based on modern Spanish men. If someone has the stats for Spanish men from the 1600's then let me know. I'd also like to know the real average lifespan of a pirate.
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